24/7 Breakdown service

24h - 7/7d

You have a vehicle breakdown on the road, you need a tow truck to move a vehicle from point A to point B, you have got your vehicle stuck, etc.

TPS can offer you a solution. In cooperation with international partners, we help you get back on the road again in no time.


We assure breakdown services within Europa, Austria, Switzerland and the UK.

Breakdown services

VYou can contact us for the following breakdown services:

  • Technical breakdowns of trailers.
  • Tyres (repair, replacement) for trucks, trailers and car transporters.
  • Towing away/salvage of trucks, trailers and car transporters.
  • Hydraulic service and loading flap service.

Required information

Information we would like to know in advance to appropriately deal with the breakdown:

  • Type of vehicle (truck or trailer)
  • Loaded or empty trailer
  • Number plate
  • Chassis number
  • Kind of problem
  • Exact location
  • If possible, name and phone of the driver
  • Invoicing information


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