Inspections + APK (technical inspection)

We take care of the inspection of your trailer from start to end. Your trailer or semitrailer is technically inspected by our experienced technicians according to the vehicle specifications. Our workshop is equipped with a completely digital brake test bank with latest-generation elevation rolls which complies with the requirements of the inspection centres. Furthermore, the inspection street is equipped with slack detection plates, a headlight alignment device and a candela meter. Weight blocks can be used to obtain the brake pressure.
We take your vehicle to the inspection centre, which saves time for our customers. One of the major assets is the vicinity of a vehicle inspection station just 500 metres from our workshop.
We also do first-time inspections for new vehicles and make sure that all necessary documents are in order.
Since 2010 we can also execute APK inspections, technical inspections, for our Dutch customers in a Belgian vehicle inspection station, which saves a lot of kilometres and time for many hauliers.